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Make cooking easy – keep your pantry organised and pain-free!

Cooking and preparing food for your family and guests should be fun and stress-free. But it happens to the best of us – sometimes your kitchen pantry gets out of control and makes finding what you need impossible. But no matter the size of your pantry, it is possible to have an efficient and aesthetic kitchen pantry – or, extend your pantry with elfa shelving. Want to make the most out of your pantry? Here are some of our top tips to inspire you to achieve an organised, tidy kitchen pantry that’s also pleasing to the eye.

Invest in good-quality containers

Keeping your pantry essentials stored in their original packaging is a sure way to both a messy pantry and stale food. Investing in BPA-free, food safe containers with lids will keep your food fresher for longer. Even by simply ditching the packaging and putting your ingredients into reusable containers, your entire pantry will immediately look upgraded – and we haven’t even got to the real organising bit yet!

  • Use pantry labels

Invest in some good quality transparent containers, so that at a glance you know exactly what is inside. You’ll easily be able to spot when ingredients need to be replenished, simplifying the process of writing your shopping list. To ensure you can tell the difference between your salt and sugar, grab some blank container labels and draw up your own. If you’re time-poor, you can just as easily invest in ready-made kitchen storage labels.

  • Use different sized containers

Kitchen storage containers come in an array of sizes and shapes. Make sure you have a good range, so that you can use the size appropriate for the food you are storing. If you are really tight on space in your pantry, many containers are stackable to save on valuable shelf space. Glass food storage containers are an excellent environmentally friendly option, and will last a long time!

Stick to your system

Nobody knows your kitchen better than you. Find a system that works for you and your family, ensuring the ingredients you reach for the most are easily accessible. The best system is the one that is easy to maintain. Once you’ve finished cooking, it should be simple and quick to return your ingredients to their designated spots in your newly organised pantry. If you over-complicate your pantry storage, you will find yourself tidying up frequently. Set up your system (and stick to it!) and your pantry will stay organised through all the morning breakfast rushes and evening dinner parties.

  • Group similar items together

Don’t over-complicate it. You will want to make sure you can remember where you’ve put everything! Group like with like – containers of pasta, rice and grains can be stored together, making sure the labels are facing outwards. Spreads, such as Vegemite and peanut butter, can be grouped together and kept visible with a tiered pantry organiser. S Smaller items can go to the front of the shelf and larger items will still be visible behind them.

Organise those spices

All those little spice shakers and containers can create havoc in your kitchen cupboard. Those tiny bottles manage to take up a lot of valuable kitchen storage space, so finding a good solution for storing your spices is paramount to having an organised pantry. With a wall-mounted spice rack, you can increase shelf space in your pantry or cupboard and ensure you can see all your spices easily! If you are low on kitchen pantry space or can’t attach the rack to a door or wall,, it might be worth looking into an in-drawer spice holder.


Are there things in your pantry that don’t really need to be there? Now is the best time to find another home for all those little things that can find themselves shoved mindlessly into the cupboard. Remember that your pantry is one of the most frequently used storage spaces in your home, and bric a brac does not have a place there – in fact, it will only get in your way.

  • Find a new home for your miscellaneous items

Decide what items can find a home in your linen cupboard or other storage spaces, and simplify what you keep in your pantry. If you find there are non-kitchen items you need to store in your pantry, create a proper home for them within the pantry while you are reorganising. Add other storage solutions such as clear plastic containers to ensure these extra items add to the cohesion of your new delightfully organised and convenient kitchen pantry.

Stick to it

Here at Soko & Co we want to inspire you to declutter and help your home reach its full potential. Revel in the stress-free process of baking, cooking and preparing with your newly structured kitchen cupboard. Enjoy the new level of convenience in your kitchen – and make sure you keep it up!