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Commercial Wood Chipper: What to Consider When Buying One

You must first evaluate some requirements to pick the brand, kind, power, and price to pay for a commercial wood chipper. This comprehensive guide to purchasing a wood chipper will help you understand the benefits, drawbacks, and other considerations you should make before buying.

Yard maintenance and gardening may be boring and sometimes not worth the effort. Every year, you’re left with many leaves, bare limbs, and the dreadful duty of cleaning your garden.

What should you do with the leaves? What should you do with the branches? Should they be burned? Take them to a landfill? We’ve got an easy answer: get a commercial wood chipper!

A wood chipper removes leaves, branches, and bushes while also delivering a vital resource in chippings and shredded leaves, which are ideal for use in leaf moulds and composts.

What Exactly Is a Wood Chipper?

A wood chipper or garden shredder primarily aims to decrease garden trash. A chipper is an important piece of equipment and a vital tool for decreasing garden waste and providing fantastic resources, whether you’re a professional or a garden hobbyist.

It creates a beautiful landscape or yard in a short period of time with minimal effort.

Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Wood Chipper

Here’s what you should look for when buying a commercial wood chipper:

Feed Capacity

When purchasing a wood chipper, feed capacity is one of the most important factors to consider. The feed capacity is the maximum amount of wood the chipper can process successfully.

You should carefully compare the diameter of the branches to the diameter of the wood chipper you are considering purchasing.

For example, if you have 3-inch diameter branches, you should choose a chipper with a capacity of up to 80mm.

If you’re looking for a wood chipper for sale for home usage, you won’t need one with a capacity of more than 100mm. This is because branches larger than this may generally be used for log burners without being chipped down.


When deciding on the power of the wood chipper, consider the horsepower (HP) that the chipper can generate.

It’s tough to tell how much HP you’ll need since it depends on the sort of wood you’ll be chipping and the type of drum used by the chipper.

If you’re chopping wood left for a long period of time (seasoned), you’ll want a more powerful chipper.


A warranty is a crucial consideration when purchasing a commercial wood chipper; you want to know that if anything goes wrong with your equipment, you can have it repaired at no extra cost.

However, it would be best if you looked beyond the guarantee of the service offered. Several commercial wood chippers come with a lifetime warranty and skilled technical support. This implies that you are still entitled for technical help even if you bought your product more than 10 years ago.

Companies sometimes outsource this technical assistance or need to gain genuine technical expertise in the equipment they’re selling. This might lead to a slew of future issues and difficulties with your computer.

Wood Chipper Spare Parts

In addition to the guarantee that comes with your product, you should consider the availability of replacement parts. Wood chippers last a long time and are not inexpensive pieces of equipment; thus, you must ensure that you can get replacement parts for the machine if you ever need them. Replacement blades and belts are examples of this. 


This ties in with the wood chipper’s layout; if the chipper’s purpose is merely for light household usage, then you only want a compact machine that can easily be stored away in a garage or shed.

Suppose you want to move towards more suitable equipment for commercial use. You should consider purchasing chippers with tow bars and other features that improve their manoeuvrability.

Additional Features

The additional minor perks and features that sell the machine make it distinctive and worth your money.

Advantages of Using a Wood Chipper

Finally, some of the advantages of a wood chipper are as follows:

Makes Materials Transportable

Because tree trash is typically challenging to transport, wood chippers excel at making waste materials easier to manage.

Removes Unwanted Waste Quickly

Wood chipping is a simple and efficient method for trash removal; all that is required is to chip the waste into smaller pieces before reusing it.

Promotes Recycling

The mulch produced by wood chippers may often be utilised to protect and nourish plants without any extra fertilisers. As a result, they are an effective method for saving money while disposing of things that, in the absence of this method, would either be dumped in a landfill or burnt, releasing hazardous gases and creating a possible risk of fire.

In Summary

Wood chippers are valuable equipment, particularly in situations where the user has to dispose of many tree branches or other types of natural debris. It would help if you went as far as the wide variety offered on your website to find a wonderful selection of the newest models, including all of the variants of excellent providers of a commercial wood chipper in Australia.